Photography is "painting with light". In our digital generation, the lines can sometimes be blurred between realism and creativity. Tools like Lightroom and Photoshop are indispensable but as a photographer, I think it is important to be let a viewer know if the image has been manipulated so that it is best seen as photo-art rather than an accurate image capture of the subject.

My photographic eye continues to evolve as I move beyond "shooting (with a camera) anything with a heartbeat" to looking at nature with new eyes. I seek to make images that capture a moment, a feeling, a sense of the wild in the natural world.

My gear consists of Canon bodies the EOS 7D Mark II and 70D, and lens ranging from 10mm to 500mm. I finally sold the last of the film cameras, but still have my light box and thousands of slides to sort through.

Enjoy my images of nature.

© Denise Dupras